Nancy Hill is Stepping Down From Marcus Thomas

By Kyle O'Brien 

Nancy Hill is headed towards retirement and is stepping down from her role as CEO of Marcus Thomas. Longtime Marcus Thomas leaders Scott Chapin and Jamie Venorsky are teaming to replace Hill, who is retiring after two years at the agency.

Hill, who helped raise the agency’s national profile during her tenure, has been working on her succession plan since she joined the agency in June of 2022. She will remain a board member of the agency.

“I really never planned to return to an agency full time but as a board member and fan, it was the only thing to do when Jim Nash had to move up his retirement for personal reasons,” said Hill in a statement. “Having helped boost revenue with Scott and champion award-winning work with Jamie, I know the right team is in place to guide Marcus Thomas’ next chapter.”


Chapin, who has been president since July, assumes the CEO role. Venorsky, chief creative officer since 2019, will now also serve as president. They will co-lead the agency along with the shop’s executive team that includes chief relationship officer Heidi Modarelli-Frank, chief client officer Alison Clark, and chief media officer Raphael Rivilla.

“Nancy has left us in good stead,” said Chapin in a statement. “The moves are delivering on a succession plan that was mapped out years ago. Having Nancy remain on our board of directors so we can retain access to her unparalleled industry knowledge and connections will continue to differentiate our offering.”

Chapin credits Hill’s perspective on the industry landscape with helping the agency excel during tough market conditions. Revenue at Marcus Thomas is up 5% year-over-year.

Venorsky has amplified brands including Dexcom, Ohio Lottery, Festival Foods, Vitamix and more on large and local stages.

“I’m excited to continue working alongside Scott, Heidi, Raf and Alison as we continue to drive the success of Marcus Thomas, but also champion our biggest asset—our talent,” said Venorsky in a statement.

Chapin, the one-time chief operating officer of the agency, hails from the digital and analytical side of the business. Chapin drove Marcus Thomas’ 2022 purchase of digital and data company ROInsights. With growth from new and existing clients, Chapin has helped the agency scale.

Hill was president and CEO of the 4A’s for nine years and later was with a founder of Media Sherpas. In her retirement, she’s looking forward to having the time to continue fulfilling her commitment to giving back. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to work with organizations such as CASA which provides Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in the judicial system.

“To say I’ve had a good run is an understatement,” said Hill. “I am immensely proud of the 40 years of work I’ve devoted to the advertising industry. Steering Marcus Thomas since 2022 has been a joy and I’m excited to watch the agency continue to reach and exceed its goals. With Scott, Jamie, and the entrenched leadership team at the helm, more growth is on the horizon.”