Naked’s Heron Preston Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Lindsay Lohan

By SuperSpy 

Fine. Heron Preston is adorable. The twenty-nothing, who works at Naked Communication as a strategist, has hit the big time with a shout-out in New York Magazine for his book/gallery show/online project, The Young and the Banging, which he plans to develop into a talent and marketing agency. He’s officially a downtown “It” boy – the rich kids, the late nights, the sneakers, the shows and yes, lots of press lines. From the article:

“The marketing term for people like me is “slash/slashers.” Like, I’m doing the yearbook plus my blog and making videos and working at a communications firm called Naked. We don’t want one path-we want to get involved in lots of creative projects. It’s like, “Oh, you should holler at Harley to go D.J. your party!” or “Holler at so-and-so to shoot your short! He’s also in a band!” I call us the New Pop Culture, which might sound bold, but I believe it. We’re more influenced by what we’re up to-our own creative outputs-than what Karl Lagerfeld is up to. We are more interested in reading our friends’ blogs than My friends and I don’t care about Lindsay Lohan; when we see a picture of a celebrity like Kanye West, we want to know who’s standing behind him. It’s cooler to be a real person. It’s our turn now.”

Youthful enthusiasm. It’s fucking precious.

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