ECD Vandalizes Own Outdoor Campaign, Loses Account

By SuperSpy 

Doug Jaeger President of the Art Director’s Club and ECD at The Happy Corp, has gotten his agency kicked off their Museum of Modern Art account. You see… Doug and his agency had been hired to design the MOMA subways ads. Jaeger then went and hired the notoriously, fabulous subway ad hacker, Poster Boy, to vandalize the work as a publicity stunt. Bold. Very bold.

When they were done reworking the ads, Jaeger staged a fashion shoot in front of the creations, using hired models and a professional photographer. Jaeger is hoping to sell the images at some point. That might be TMI. Maybe you don’t want to tell potential clients that you will resell the campaign for your own ends.

“[We] have completely severed our relationship with the company,” said a MoMA spokeswoman.

“I don’t know if they like for me to be saluting it,” Jaeger said of Poster Boy’s work. “But if someone who is getting acclaim as an artist does something to your campaign, does it make it less valuable or more valuable?”

Seems a little neither here nor there considering he commissioned Poster Boy to do it. It’s not like the kid was inspired by the art and so took his creativity out on it, but well guys… does Doug have a point? I open up this can of worms to the floor.

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