Munn Rabôt Does It in One Take for NYU Langone

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s a slightly different, hyper-local campaign from New York agency Munn Rabôt that happened to catch the eye of one of our Manhattan colleagues.

NYU Langone Medical Center — not always known for its innovative advertising — launched a campaign under the “Made for New York” banner to promote the NYU Langone Orthopedics program famous for helping athletes’ bodies last just a little bit longer. In addition to print, outdoor and digital work, three video spots recently launched.

Here’s the lead ad “Melting Pot,” which is about exactly what you expect it to be about:

The following two “Everyday Athletes” ads are a little different. The first was shot in one “Birdman-style” single take, with the larger campaign directed by Antony Hoffman of Believe Media (who also helmed the “Blue Pill” Fiat Super Bowl spot by The Richards Group):

Here’s “Winter Athletes,” which makes an athletic spectacle out of an ordinary SoHo corner:

…and the Spring version, which looks especially appealing right now:

Hoffman writes:

“[Creative Director Peter Rabôt] and the team were very collaborative and really open to ideas.

By casting non-actors and not using lights, we were able to capture a street authenticity and a sense of the true immigrant melting pot that New Yorkers share and would recognize themselves in. That was very appealing to me.”

We like how the work emphasizes the fact that running in New York during the winter is just as dangerous as running in Portland during the winter.

Agency: Munn Rabôt
Client: NYU Langone Medical Center
Creative Director: Peter Rabôt
Producer: Deanna Shenn
EP: Mark O’Sullivan
Producer: Lisa Hollingshead
Director/DP: Antony Hoffman / Believe Media
Editor: Paul LaCalandra / Whitehouse Post
Telecine: Fergus McCall / The Mill
Titles: Kieran Walsh / CarbonVFX
Audio: Kevin Halpin / Color Audio
Music: DuoTone
Voiceover: Tom Morrisey (Ingrid French, agent)