MRM//McCann Sweden Brings Emoji to Life for Vi Agroforestry

By Erik Oster 

MRM//McCann actually found a practical use for an emoji in its campaign for Swedish charity Vi Agroforestry, allowing users to make donations to the charity by texting a tree emoji.

For each tree a user texts, up to 25 per message, they donate two dollars to the charity, or about what it takes to plant one tree in eastern Africa. The trees the charity plants are then used to fight poverty and starvation in the region. This method allows for users who speak different languages to easily donate in the fastest way possible (rather than using complicated SRS codes usually associated with such donations). That the emoji is also tied to a measurable effect of the donation (one emoji tree = one real tree) is a nice added bonus. The campaign was launched via social media and promoted with digital billboards in Stockholm. With all the gimmicky use of emojis by brands and agencies, it’s refreshing to see one used to actually solve a problem.



Christian Soderholm, Art Director
Fredrik Sundqvist, Copywriter
Fredrik Hildebrand, Creative Director
Sara von Platen, Designer
Elin Hedensjo, Account Director
Sofia Finnman-Larsson, Account Manager

Cellsynt, Technical Provider
The Amazing Society, Media Agency

Team Vi Agroforestry
Ola Richardsson, Communications Manager
Ylva Agrahn, Communications Specialist
Viktoria Frid, Digital Specialist
Anna-Maria Broman Ek, Fundraiser