Mother N.Y. Serves Up Fresh Meat

By Erik Oster 

Mother New York announced the arrival of 15 “farm fresh, humanely-raised” interns it attracted with its “Fresh Meat” recruitment video (see below).

Presumably, none of them are vegetarians.

The interns will be put through the agency meat grinder via an internship program which sees them work across departments and disciplines on client-related challenges and an agency initiated project. To make the interns feel at home, the agency even added framed photos of their mothers to a miniature version of its “Wall of Moms.” The interns will present their final projects by August 8, with hopes that they will be deemed well-done (sorry about that one).

“The Fresh Meat video campaign was a deliciously ludicrous way to attract the best of the industry’s rising talent,” said Mother strategy director and internship coordinator, Bruno Frankel. “We were bombarded with incredible submissions, including a fair share of meat deliveries, and were frankly amazed by the creativity of the interns selected. We’re grateful to have these interns spending the summer with us at Mother and look forward to learning from them as much as we teach them.”


In other words, they’ll be AgencySpy commenters by the end of the summer.