Mr. President, The Body Shop Wish the Queen Happy Mother’s Day

By Erik Oster 

Mr. President collaborated with production company Mindseye and director Alison Jackson on a new spot celebrating Mother’s Day with the queen for The Body Shop UK.

Utilizing a cast of look-alikes, the spot envisions Charles preparing a Mother’s Day surprise with help from Camilla and sons Wills and Harry. While things don’t quite go according to plan, Charles is still able to mostly pull it off, and the spot ends with the message, “Treat your mum like a queen this Mother’s Day.” Jackson uses a shaky, documentary-like style to make the spot seem like a royal home movie, with plenty of irreverent humor via Charles’ bungling and allusions to Harry’s partying.

“We set out with The Body Shop to embrace the spirit of Mother’s Day. Of celebrating the thoughtful, little things that make all mums feel like queens. And then we asked ourselves, how does the most queenly Queen celebrate that morning? Probably the same way,” explained Laura Jordan Bambach, creative partner at Mr. President, in a statement. “Those same little touches still mean a lot. Through our collaboration with Alison Jackson we’ve brought to life a most special morning, for a most special mum.”


Client: Sam Thomson – Marketing Director at The Body Shop UK

Director: Alison Jackson

Production: Mindseye

Sound: Factory Sounds

Tom Bird – Creative at Mr. President

Thea Hamrén – Creative Director at Mr. President

Naomi Dunne and Anna-Lucy Terry  Social Strategy at Mr. President

Tom Trevelyan – Account Director at Mr. President

Steph Mylam – Producer at Mr. President