Morgans Hotel Group Is Here to Alleviate Your Burnout

By Kiran Aditham 

Not to be outdone by the likes of inspiring brands such as Zoku, Morgans Hotel Group is trying its damnedest to inspire minds, reinvigorate spirits and cure them of something they call Holiday Deficit Disorder.

Yes, fatigue is an issue with the likes of creatives, and from its establishments based everywhere from New York to London to Istanbul, Morgans Hotel Group offers everything from sun therapy to urban exploration in this campaign from NSG/Swat, which was founded by former kbs+ honcho Richard Kirshenbaum.

In a statement, NSG/Swat creative director Andrew Tobin says:


The Holiday Deficit Disorder campaign is about happiness and not being weighed down by today’s technological hamstrings. Our core insight is that members of the creative class constantly feel overworked, exhausted and bombarded by today’s 24/7 work landscape of always being available and on-call. They leave their earned vacation days unused for whatever reason. The concept revolves around a self-diagnosis of this tongue-in-cheek “disorder” and  treatment-based solution to the ailments, which is a stay at any Morgans Hotel Group properties.

From the client’s CMO Alan Philips:

“At Morgan’s our core audience is the creative class and our purpose as a brand is to support creative ideas and people.  The HDD campaign is a novel take on modern day problems executed in a manner that engages with our core consumers and sparks conversation around our brands and properties. It is a moment and it makes you smile.”

Morgans Group, which bills itself as the “first boutique hotel,” also operates in choice destinations including South Beach in Miami and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.