Mood Uses 3-D Printing for Good in Huggies Mother’s Day Spot

By Erik Oster 

Brazilian agency Mood teamed up with 3-D printing shop The Goodfellas for this heartwarming Mother’s Day ad for Huggies Brazil.

The spot tells the story of a pregnant woman named Tatiana, blind since 17, as she waits for the birth of her son, Murilo. As the doctor performs an ultrasound, he attempts to describe to Tatiana what the unborn baby looks like, and asks her how she imagines him. 15 minutes later in a printing mobile station, the team begins the process of creating a model of the ultrasound. When the doctor surprises Tatiana with the model, she can hardly believe it. “I’m very happy to meet Murillo…Before he’s born,” she says.


While it trades in a lot of the same emotional overtones as other Mother’s Day ads, the spot manages to stand out from the pack. It convincingly tells Tatiana’s story by introducing viewers to her slowly, and the ad has the kind of authenticity other efforts for the holiday could never hope for. Mood, The Goodfellas and Huggies Brazil actually made a difference in Tatiana’s life which she’ll never forget, and viewers should pick up on that too, which makes for a much more memorable ad than the typical Mother’s Day fare.