Monday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Does anyone know what USA Football Tryouts are? And did someone from said tryouts land on a Scottish soccer team (also football) because a rando scout found him? We tried Googling this premise, which is for a Dewar’s ad from BBDO. It’s a very pretty and well-produced bit of work but sadly, like The Crown, steeped in fiction. The multi-million dollar campaign (which seems weird to point out from the jump in a pitch) is part of the brand’s “Stay Curious” campaign.

“A whole world of possibilities opens up when you find the commonalities in the unexpected, allowing empathy and curiosity to create entirely new, innovative drinking and social experiences that can bring people together,” Brian Cox, vp of Dewar’s for North America, said in a statement that in no way feels similar to Mondelez (or is it Möńdêlęż?) and that whole “humaning” thing.

We kid because we care, and should point out that Dewar’s does, in fact, have a connection to sports in general and, specifically, soccer in the U.S. The brand donated a trophy for the first-ever Lamar Hunt U.S. Open, the oldest ongoing soccer tournament in the U.S.


-DNA Seattle partnered with VCU Brandcenter for a Black Black Friday initiative promoting local Black-owned businesses.

-GS&P’s holiday ad for Xfinity stars Steve Carrell as a Santa frustrated by 2020.

-AgencySpy alumnus gets the scoop on how far JWT fell.

-Jesus, Oregon (and W+K). Laying it on a little thick, don’t you think? Or maybe this is what it will take for people to wake up.

-Asos marketer Eve Williams joined eBay as U.K. CMO.

-Why limiting age-gender demos linger as the marketing world wants to move on.