Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Brazil’s largest pharmacy chain—brands Raia and Drogasil—is helping the Baby Boomer generation adapt to new digital tools and become more familiar with ecommerce. “40 Thousand Step Grandchildren,” by agency/consultancy Zmes, saw Generation Z taking responsibility for assisting Boomers throughout the entire process, from downloading the app to completing the purchase and collecting the product in-store in real-time. This allowed Boomers to shop without depending on younger family members.

-After nearly a century on the streets, the Wienermobile has been rebranded as the Frankmobile, thanks to Johannes Leonardo, PR agency Zeno Group and Kraft-Heinz’s in-house marketing team The Kitchen.


-Adweek’s TV team recounted the most memorable moments of the recent Upfront Week.

-An army of creators is helping audio company Bose modernize its marketing efforts.

-Creative Week ended with a flurry of awards at The One Show 2023 in New York, with Apple, BBDO Canada and FCB New York winning big.

-Creative director Marybeth Ledesma looks to her Philippine roots and daily life there for creative inspiration.

-In an age of disinformation and uncertainty, British consumer champion Which? has undergone a brand refresh to underline its relevance and to promote the trustworthy actionable advice.