Monday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Copacino Fujikado created a little ASMR. OK, a lot of ASMR—to the tune of eight hours for Seattle Aquarium. The long YouTube video is colorful with plenty of relevant nature like sea lions, harbor seals, tufted puffins, sea otters and more.

-There was a reason that Minneapolis protestors focused on Target.

-The IAB ain’t happy with Trump’s antics.


Zuck doesn’t give a f**k.

-Meanwhile, Jack was managing how to navigate the bloviator-in-chief.

-Microsoft laid off journalists and replaced them with (gulp) AI.

Adweek unveiled its 2020 Experiential Awards, with campaigns reminding us of a time before the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

-Maybe now is not the time for a brand Instagram post about how “a sense of optimism takes hold” with the warmer weather.