Monday Odds & Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Droga5 is betting that the target audience for its new MailChimp campaign “Did You Mean…?” listened to a lot of Serial. Hey, it was good!

-PepsiCo vet Carla Hassan joined Toys R’ Us as its global CMO. Watch out, BBDO Atlanta.

-New York agency Narrative collaborated with Pat Benatar on “Shine Together,” a project capitalizing on last weekend’s Women’s March. It featured a new single and a full website takeover.

-NYC/Ohio\L.A. agency Wondersauce weighs in on Twitter killing its “buy button,” reminds us that there was once such a thing.

-Dallas agency Greenlight opened a new shared space business called HOWDO, which is sort of like a WeWork for professionals in the area.

-MediaMonks hired Kelly Kandle—formerly with RYOT—to serve as VR executive producer in its L.A. office.

-Minneapolis-based digital agency Nina Hale hired several new team members on the strength of its 2016 growth: account director Matt Lundmark; associate account director Sarah Brehm; media director/Martin Williams vet Ashley Terpstra; associate media directors Darryl Carter and Ed Knowles.

-Marketing Manchester picked RAPP as its new creative agency of record after a review. The agency’s U.K. and U.S. networks will collaborate on the business.