Creative/Production/Post Company Promotes Itself by Talking Shit About Agencies

By Patrick Coffee 

We’ve all heard a whole hell of a lot lately about the efficiency of the “traditional” ad agency model … or lack thereof.

That’s the story behind all the minimal “boutique” shops gathering to take your business, right? They can make content that’s just as good as the stuff the big agencies make, but way cheaper.

Or at least that’s the general sales pitch. But we’ve probably never seen it expressed so directly as in this promo for Immaculate Contraption, a Chicago-area organization that offers clients the whole process from soup to nuts: creative, production and post-production.


That was harsh but maybe also kind of fair?

Immaculate Contraption does not currently name the 11-50 employees who work in its Chicago headquarters, post-production facility or third office in L.A.’s Korea Town. But if we had to guess we would put good money on many of these folks being ad agency veterans.

They do currently include AB InBev, P&G, Kraft, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Nestle and more on a “work and experience” list, writing, “Our collective experience includes big brands and small brands and everything in between. So just relax.” The creative reel also features some prominent projects like a Jeff Tweedy video and this campaign, which JWT Chicago made for the Illinois Office of Tourism a couple of years back.

Someone sent us the clip last week, writing, “Definitely a sign of the times in ad land. And it is funny ’cause it’s true.” This person also vouched for all parties involved as “good dudes.”

We reached out to Immaculate Contraption to see if they’d be up to discuss this promo, which went live on their LinkedIn page a couple of months ago, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Gotta call BS on one thing, though: no way creative and production are really just two guys.