Monday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– This is your last chance to vote for the Sexiest Man In Advertising 2009. (link)

– NASA Detects Mystery Booming Sound In Deep Space, Origin Unknown. (link)

– Crispin’s Whopper Sacrifice site gets hacked. No need to delete your friends to snag your free Whopper. Ooohh. I’m lovin’ it. (link)

– Universal Music Group has kicked-off a review of its estimated £100 million pan-European media planning and buying account. (link

– OgilvyAction, the global brand activation and shopper marketing network, announced Sheila Hartnett as chief executive officer of its North American operation. (link)

– A look at advertising agency lingo. Skip to the bottom and check out the George Parker ad terms such as “Golden douchenozzle.” (link)

– Dell settles with 34 States over anti-consumer practices. (link)

– Photoshop adbusting in Berlin. Very cool. Worth a look. (link)

– Advertising executive did not make the list of the 10 best jobs in America. (link)

– January 19th, 2009 is a day of national service. Look at Obama keeping us involved post election on some FDR shit. Nice. Get in on it, okay? (link)

– Communication Gaps and Social Responsibility on the Web. (link)

Steven Pinker’s look at the future of genomes and behavioral science. (link)

– Paleontologist Peter Ward on Earth’s appetite for destruction. (link)

– OMG! OMG! Finally! YESSSSS. Fanboys is coming! Check the trailer above. (link)

– How could I not post Patti Smith singing Smells Like Teen Spirit? (link)

– Why was Arrested Development canceled? David Cross has the answer – marketing. (link)