Yet Another Microsoft Campaign Is Coming Your Way

By SuperSpy 

Seriously. Microsoft needs to slow their roll. How many ads have they put out in the last three months? And here comes another one. This time, the software giant has tapped CMOs to be their spokeswhore rather than lying liar celebrities. Coca-Cola North America CMO Katie Bayne, Quicksilver CEO Robert McKnight and some other business types have been tapped to make the Microsoft case to businesses. Check out Katie’s above. I’m surprised that Coca-Cola was just like, “sure Katie. Go make some extra cash.”

Perhaps Microsoft is trying to head off the lack of excitement from the computer industry about the upcoming launch of Windows 7. Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes has reported that none of the computer makers with which he met at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas cited Windows 7 as a potential sales driver. They feel burned after the Vista mess and aren’t feeling like Windows 7 has a chance in hell in driving dollars. Not too surprised are you?

Now, these business themed commercials were made by JWT. Not Crispin. According to Rob Reilly, co-executive creative director at Crispin, the Seinfeld ads they created were meant to startle you.

“So, when ‘I’m a PC’ came, you were ready for something different. It was always designed to be two weeks. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.”

Well you know, those “I’m a PC” ads didn’t really feel so different. They felt like ads. From a giant software company. Personally, I wish they had just let those Seinfeld ads run. Watching those ads was like getting half way through Tropic Thunder or something. Where was the pay off? What the hell happened next? Did Bill and Jerry work their way through the rest of America? Did they get in a terrific boy fight at the journey? What?

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