Monday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Blitz announced the appointment of Razorfish alum Tim Richards as the new VP of User Experience, as well as SapientNitro veteran, Jack Skeels, as new VP of business development.

-Google, Apple in a mobile display ad battle. link

-A bidding war looms for Playboy. link


-Urban Outfitters will now fashion itself after NYC storefronts with its new store. link

-Noelle Weaver, Contagious’ new biz dev director, North America, shares thoughts on her vision for Contagious and the US advertising industry. link

-LeBron James was already shilling for South Beach long before his announce. link

-How long will consumers click on those iAd ads? link

-Welcome crowdsinging. We’re all doomed. link

-Burger King gives pop art a try. link

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