Curiositorium Brings Us Flash Cocaine

By Kiran Aditham 

By Matt McCarron

If Nike’s Write the Future is “visual crack cocaine,” then the new site of Hendrick’s gin, The Curiositorium, is Flash cocaine…and it’s definitely addicting.


The challenge laid out for New York-based LBi was bringing the unusual flavor found in past Hendrick’s illustrations into the digital space…so naturally they looked to the Mutter’s Museum in Philadelphia, which houses unusual medical curiosities.
“[The Mutter’s Museum] is full of medical oddities that tie well to the Hendrick’s brand,” said Cedric Devitt, ECD at LBi.

When you click through The Curiositorium you find yourself placed you in a digital world that’s a cross between jolly ole Victorian England and the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (we didn’t see it either) while you expect Sherlock Holmes to come strolling across the screen and walk you through a science experiment.

Devitt went on to say that the site was created by an “army of illustrators and animators [who wanted to hide] small Easter Eggs [that would] jump out as you navigate through the site. This attention to detail reflects the craftsmanship that goes into Hendrick’s gin.”

Well, there’s definitely attention to details…very odd and curious details

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