Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-W+K Amsterdam worked with animator Adam Pesapane on stop-motion animated spot “The Fish” (video above) to highlight the dangers pollution poses to marine wildlife in an Earth Day effort for Corona and Parley for the Ocean.

-Speaking of Earth Day, here’s what brands are doing to play their part in honoring Mother Earth.

-Partners + Napier promoted Mike Baron to executive creative director.


-A Facebook Watch (that’s still around?!) creator shares that the platform is struggling in 2019.

-Publicis is launching a campaign to raise money for the reconstruction of Notre Dame.

-Marketplace has a little ditty on the fleece power vest. And you thought the ’90s were going to go away.

-Google will be tracking you in a Toronto development. New signage explains it to the public. And the only way to opt out … is to leave.

-The U.S. Government has a new typeface, everyone!