Lyft Offers Free Bike Sharing for Earth Day

By Erik Oster 

Lyft wants to interest you in a different kind of ride this Earth Day.

An in-house ad highlights the ride-share service offering free bike sharing for Earth Day today in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Portland, Ore., and Columbus, Ohio. The animated spot, created in collaboration with Gunner, promotes the event and calls attention to Lyft’s bike-sharing app to viewers familiar with the ride-sharing service via a look at some of the butts riding those bikes.

The ad debuted on social channels last Friday, April 19, and is live in New York’s Times Square for 24 hours today.

“Every piece of creative we put out is an opportunity for a fresh take on how people view Lyft, and this Earth Day we want everyone to forgo cars and opt for a bike, any bike,” Lyft executive creative director Tim Roan said in a statement. “Lyft is known as a ride-share company, butt it is also so much more, and this campaign is a testament to our commitment to OG carbon-free two-wheeled sustainable transportation for all.”