Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-NOT AN APRIL FOOLS’ STUNT: BBH London’s final campaign for Virgin Media, which went to adam&eveDDB, stars Usain Bolt as a Batman-style hero.

-Comscore president and CEO Sarah Hofstetter and Brian Weiner, both former 360i execs, departed over the weekend in a big leadership shakeup.


-Instagram’s head of shopping insists that your clients should advertise on his platform. Did not see that coming!

-Oh, and the new way to network is by exchanging Insta handles.

-Molson Coors wants you to order your next case of Miller Lite via ecommerce. (Delivery by drone?)

-The world’s most difficult branding exercise is redefining the nation of Japan. And how did Dentsu not get this assignment?

-MRM/McCann London hired Chris Pearce as its new CEO.

-Hollywood shop gnet hired Michael Elkind, formerly of Midnight Oil, as director of strategy.

-Adobe promises not to trademark the word “experience.”