Ski Lifts, Bathrooms and More Are ‘Phone Stores’ in Madwell’s Bus Shelter Transformations for Visible

By Erik Oster 

Madwell wanted to showcase how with Visible, an all-digital phone service backed by Verizon, users can sign up and manage their phone service from anywhere.

So the agency transformed a series of bus shelters in Los Angeles into various scenes highlighting Visible’s “Service From Anywhere” as part of the brand’s “This Is a Phone Store” campaign. The scenes range from a ski lift to a campsite to a bathroom (a common place for cellphone scrolling). Each scene is accompanied by the line, “You can sign up for service from the comfort of your own (fill in the blank).”

The OOH activations will stay up through April 28.


“Because Visible doesn’t have physical stores, part of our marketing strategy is to meet consumers where they are, in real life, and direct them to a digital experience. We’re always thinking of how we can show up in unexpected places in creative ways,” Visible head of brand strategy Beth Veen said in a statement.

“With Visible, we have an opportunity to completely reinvent the wireless industry. For a lot of people, they’ve grown accustomed to thinking, ‘Well, that’s the way it is.’ But just because the established way of doing things has become the norm doesn’t mean that we can’t change it and create a better experience for consumers,” she added. “We bring that perspective to our business model, and to our marketing and branding.”

The approach makes for a clever way to illustrate the benefit of being able to manage service just about anywhere while the design of each scene succeeds at being attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing.

The movie theater seems like an odd choice, though. Please keep your phone in your pocket at the movies.