Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee Comment

-This spot by the BBC’s internal creative shop promoting dance competition Strictly Come Dancing is super cheesy and we love it.

-We already knew in-house agencies are about saving money, not making money. A new study confirms it.

-If lame old brands like SunnyD and Dawn can refresh themselves, then so can your clients!

-EVP Tom Goodwin of Zenith (you know, the one with the nice hair) let The Drum know that he does NOT approve of New York City Indian food. So what about London pizza, bro?

-Moen is looking for a “water director” and wants you to know about it.

-Facebook removed ads in the U.K. promoting “conversion therapy” for LGBT youth.

-For the media agency folks, Zuck’s people are playing nice with the media by promoting tools to increase publishers’ reach after all the drama over algorithms.

-Tesla’s head of PR resigned over the weekend, so maybe now the company will have to resort to real advertising.

-Nordstrom produced its first Canadian brand campaign “True Nord,” which features a diverse cast of models.