Hill Holliday, Frontier and This Jonathan Richman-Like Guy Will Give You Great Wi-Fi

By Patrick Coffee 

To end the week with some lighthearted humor, Hill Holliday’s first work for Frontier Communications debuted this week after the shop won creative and media AOR duties for the telecom company in April.

Creatively, it’s about breaking from the past—specifically, the idea that Frontier isn’t always the best when it comes to customer service or Wi-Fi connections.

The anthem spot tells the story of one guy who just needs a decent connection to get his work done. It stars a treble-heavy singer-songwriter type named “The Balladeer,” hence our Jonathan Richman headline.


The key message from “Don’t Go It Alone” is that the internet is a complicated and threatening place, and Frontier will help you navigate on the strength of its new, simplified offerings.

This banner makes things a little clearer.

Additional spots will feature more ditties from this scruffy, bespectacled troubadour. And in addition to broadcast, radio, OOH, digital and social work, the rebranding effort also includes an internal program designed to help Frontier employees serve as all-inclusive “guides” for consumers.

Here’s how Hill Holliday CCO Lance Jensen framed it: “A brand campaign must be creative and memorable. It also has to drive a client’s business forward. The Balladeer is a fun and accessible character who brings humanity and humor to the frustrating experience of dealing with internet and TV service. We can’t wait to put him to work for the Frontier brand.”

And if you doubt that some consumers have had great experiences with Frontier, there’s always her or him or even her. They don’t have the musical chops, though.