Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Nonprofit National Sikh Campaign launched a series of broadcast and digital ads that seek to combat the average American’s ignorance about the world’s fifth largest religion.

-Brands and agencies are finding ways to fight back against Facebook and Google’s ad measurement¬†problems .

-Snapchat is planning to launch a self-serve Snap ads platform.

-The Ad Contrarian argues that “most marketers are clueless, fad-jumping nitwits who drool at any shiny object” with two words.

-EVB founder and CEO¬†Daniel Stein talks “The Future of Cannabis Marketing.”

-AdAge asks, “Can Advertisers Really Tell Their Agencies How to Make Money?”

-A group of creatives launched an “Easter So White” campaign highlighting the lack of diversity in advertising.

-Which platform is winning the Stories format war, Snapchat or Instagram?