David&Goliath Shares ‘An Epic Moment’ for California Lottery

By Erik Oster 

David&Goliath hypes the California Lottery’s new larger scratch off tickets with “An Epic Moment” in a 60-second broadcast spot.

The effort turns the purchase of a Scratchers Super Ticket into something far more dramatic via super slow-motion and a whole lot of over-acting. A man announces his decision to purchase the Super Ticket by very, very slowly pointing past the sales clerk to the item, while everyone else in the store overreacts in kind.

The spot is a continuation of sorts of the humorous approach the agency employed in its spot for The Price is Right scratchers last July. Like that effort it utilizes a knowingly over-the-top scenario to underscore why people find California Lottery’s Scratchers appealing and what makes the particular offering distinct. In this case, it would be the over-sized nature of the Super Ticket, thus the over-sized nature of the spot itself.

While that approach makes sense strategically, the spot’s humor doesn’t exactly lead to over-sized laughs — unlike that image of a bulldog at a computer keyboard.



Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, LA, USA
Founder / Chairman: David Angelo
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce
Creative Director: Greg Buri
Sr. Copywriter: Nick Micale
Sr. Interactive Art Director: Matt Koulermos
Group Planning Director: Kristen Knape
Planner: Chris Kwak
Managing Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese
Executive Producer: Curt O’Brien
Senior Broadcast Producer: Dustin Oliver
Producer: Sana Banwania
Director of Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
Business Affairs Manager: Camara Price
Associate Business Affairs Manager: Travis Kohler
Group Account Director: Stacia Parseghian
Account Director: Janet Wang
Account Supervisor: Erika Rosenwinkel
Account Executive: Alyssa Meredith
Account Coordinator: Alex Petosa
Project Manager: Mike Antonellis
Director of Digital Production: Peter Bassett
Senior Interactive Producer: Noah Luger
Digital Production Company: Picnic
Director of Print Services: Meredith Walsh
Print Production Manager: Jenny Wu
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Dave Meyers
DOP: Scott Henriksen
Executive Producers: Frank Scherma, Jim Bouvet
Head of Production: Cathy Dunn
Line Producer: Joanne Duray
Editoral House: Spinach
Editor: James Duffy
Assistant Editor: Ben Reesing
Executive Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Producers: Patricia Gushikuma, Rachel Celotto
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Bryan Smaller
Online / VFX: Method Studios
Flame Artist: Emily Irvin
Executive Producer: Robert Owens
Producer: Julia Paskert
Music: Be A Hero
Composers: MacDougall & Benjamin
Mix House: Lime
Sound Mixer / Engineer: Mark Meyuhas
Assistant Engineer: Peter Lapinski
Producer: Susie Boyajan