Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-McKee Wallwork and Company of Albuquerque launched this spot for Mr. Rooter plumbing showing why you probably don’t want to just fix it yourself (video above).

-Adweek named Droga5 as its U.S. agency of the year, Ogilvy as its global agency of the year and Venables Bell & Partners as its breakthrough agency of the year.

Derek Walker of brown and browner Advertising writes that white men in advertising are too quiet. His story is more than a little shocking.


-AdAge mistakenly ran a photo of a Big Mac in a tweet for a story entitled “Lowdown: Dehydrated Vagina Strikes Again in Vagisil Spot,” and thinks you can learn something from “the Social Media Crisis That Wasn’t.”

-Literary bashes, roller discos and more: Digiday takes a look at “How UK agencies are celebrating this Christmas.”

-BBH brought together grime stars and pro gamers in a new KFC campaign.

-Campaign asks what happens to the sadly forgotten 45+ creative director.