mOcean Helped Promote FXX’s Marathon of The Simpsons

By Erik Oster 

mOcean helped FXX keep the fun rolling during the network’s record-breaking twelve-day marathon of every episode of The Simpsons with a series of Springfield-inspired promos.

Instead of just recycling footage from the show (which might get a bit redundant during a marathon, after all), mOcean took creative license with the Springfield universe, such as in the above promo superimposing Homer’s head and voice on footage of stunts gone wrong. Another spot takes Ned Flanders’ characteristic “Deedley” and gives it a musical makeover. Clearly, the agency had a lot of fun with these.


“This was by far the biggest, most exciting project with the FX family yet,” said mOcean SVP, Creative Director Greg Harrison. “The inherent challenge was doing justice to one of the funniest, most beloved TV franchises in history, not to mention the legacy of its creators Matt Groening and James L. Brooks.”


Client: FXX
President Marketing & On-Air Promotions, FX Networks: Stephanie Gibbons
SVP On-Air Promotions, FX Networks: John Varvi
SVP Broadcast Design, FX Networks: Steve Viola
VP On-Air Promotions, FXX: Ethan Adelman
Creative Director, Broadcast Design, FX Networks: Amie Nyugen
Director Production, Broadcast Design, FX Networks: Dara Barton
Director On-Air Promotions, FXX: Tom Cropper
Entertainment Creative Agency: mOcean
CMO: Kevin Aratari
SVP Creative Director: Greg Harrison
Editors: Jeremy Scripter (Kitchen Sink), Wesley Nisbett (D’Oh & Deedly),  Joel Hoffmann (Choir, Kitchen Sink)
Writers: Matt Hubball (Choir “Keith”), Troy Hutchinson (Choir “Incomplete”)
Graphics (tracking): Carey Conley, Tim Finley, Amanda Tsoukanelis (D’Oh & Deedly)