Mithun Highlights Cost Ignorance for Wellmark

By Erik Oster 

Minneapolis agency Mithun launched a new campaign for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield showcasing the myWellmark Health Care Cost Estimator, which gives customers a health care estimate online. A series of three 15-second spots attempts to highlight humorous situations where the service may come in handy.

In the most believable of the ads, a couple learns during an ultrasound that the woman is pregnant with triplets. The man feigns excitement, while wondering how much a vasectomy will cost, as the estimate appears onscreen. Other scenarios get a little more far-fetched, such as a roommate mistaking something (we’d really like to know what) for sushi and requiring an after-hours appointment and a man putting super glue in his eyes (which we’re guessing would run more than the advertised eye exam). While the jokes don’t always land, Mithun at least does an admirable job at making ads about healthcare memorable. All three spots also manage to get their point across with admirable brevity, something of a lost art in the era of 2:30 online “brand films” and anthem ads. The broadcast spots will run across Iowa and South Dakota, supported by billboards in cities within those states, digital and social media elements which will run through the end of the summer.


“We understand that people spend a lot on health insurance but don’t always appreciate the value of what they are purchasing,” said Wellmark vice president of marketing Mike Gerrish. “This campaign highlights the members specific cost, and, more importantly, educates on the true cost of health care for those without insurance.”