BBDO Russia Turns Mosquito Blood Into Art for Glorix

By Kiran Aditham 


In a rather odd yet novel approach to promoting mosquito repellent, BBDO Russia Group transformed what remains after slapping that post-bite bug into what the team calls “blood portraits.”

The agency’s effort for Unilever brand Glorix serves two purposes: it’s both a micro-scale art exhibition created to help launch the bug-be-gone product and a social advocacy campaign urging visitors to donate blood.


The case study:

The main goal of the micro-portrait show put on by the parties involved earlier this year at ARTPLAY center of art and design in Moscow was not just to show how Glorix protects consumers from mosquitoes, but to relay the message that every drop of blood taken from the bugs could potentially save someone’s life.

As the video above proclaims, approximately 80 percent of visitors were willing to donate blood on the spot at the event. It’s morbid and quirky, yes, but still effective.

Client: Unilever
Andrey Kutuzov: Senior Marketing Manager
Maria Shramko: Junior Brand Manager

Agency: BBDO Moscow, BBDO Russia Group
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Creative Director: Gatis Murnieks
Art-Director: Konstantin Tokarev
Senior Copywriter: Victor Lander
Group Account Director: Anna Sokolova
Account Manager: Maya Annakulieva
Producer: Ivan Davydenko

Event Agency: Pelican
Elena Novikova
Anna Budzyak

Production: Zebrahero
Director: Andrey Paoukov
Producer: Artem Tsaregorodtsev
Cinematographer: Dmitry Novikov
Lighting Designer: Andris Rutinsh
Motion Design/Colorcorrection: Denis Ageev