Mistress Hires 13 New Staffers, Including Several Creatives, in L.A.

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy Monday to all West Coast folks looking for work: Mistress has been hiring.

A week after announcing their Ibotta win, the indie L.A. shop tells us that they’ve brought on a lucky 13 new staff members.

The group includes project managers and coordinators, but it’s primarily made up of creatives from area agencies like Innocean, 180LA and David&Goliath.

They are:

  • Hanna Koh: Copywriter
  • Austin Ho: Art Director
  • Jordan Rich: Art Director
  • Adam Valley: Senior Creative
  • Nate Stroot: Senior Creative
  • Madeleine Gould: Designer
  • Elvis Sierra: Junior Creative
  • Leslie Lechner: Junior Creative
  • Kristi Hughes: Junior Creative
  • Kiley DeNembo: Creative Resources Coordinator
  • Bruno Guerra: Social Brand Manager
  • Drew Jayhan: Senior Project Manager
  • Tara Allen: Senior Project Manager

“Through the re-bundling of our offerings we now can not just deliver best-in-class creative and integrated media, rigorous strategic planning and analytics—all spanning both traditional and social media—but we deliver a real focus on results,” said Mistress creative partner Damien Eley. “Finding the perfect people for this accelerating evolution has been tough, but this influx of awesome talent will help Mistress continue meeting our clients’ unmet needs.”

So what is “re-bundling?” And what’s really going on with Mistress? Beyond Ibotta, we’re told they’ve been pitching very aggressively for new business, including project work.

In the 10-plus months since the agency merged with fellow indie Supermoon, they’ve also been organizing more media buys. And we all know that’s where the money is now, don’t we?