Mistress Gets Creepy for NOS Energy Drink

By Erik Oster 

Mistress introduces NOS Energy Drink’s new “You Only Live NOS” tagline in a new campaign featuring an impressive but creepy reverse-aging effect.

The 30-second television spot begins with a grizzled old man, “riddled with scars from an action-filled life,” saying “Six jobs, nine jobs, 80 summers. And you’re done.” After saying this the man gradually morphs into his teenage self. The message is supposed to be that you should go all out since you only live once, but you could easily take away from it that you should take care of yourself and watch what you put in your body — not something NOS wants you to think about given how unhealthy their product is. But media placement should protect against that interpretation. The spot will air weekly during FX’s The Ultimate Fighter and during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race broadcasts on FOX, ABC, TNT and ESPN.


The campaign also includes digital spots starring UFC fighters Georges St. Pierre and NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and a revamped drinknos.com website which includes an integrated app employing an aging technique on users who upload a photo and fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. Stick around for credits and digital spots after the jump. 


Agency: Mistress

Client: NOS Energy Drink

Production Company: The Directors Bureau

Director: Ryan Hope

Producer: Laura Jones

Visual Effects: MPC

Composer: Ari Balouzian