Mistress Casts The Simpsons’ Squeaky-Voiced Teen in New NOS Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Thank god we somehow managed to find another campaign that has nothing to do with the election or (cringe) Christmas.

For its latest effort promoting NOS Energy Drink, Mistress L.A. scored NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. More impressively, the casting director somehow managed to find the real-life inspiration for Jeremy Freedman, better known as “Squeaky-Voiced Teen” or “Pimply-Faced Teen” of The Simpsons fame.

Not to single out this poor actor, but he really is the spitting image. Or maybe we’re just thinking that because he works behind a cash register and seriously, imagine this dude saying, “We need some more secret sauce. Put this mayonnaise in the sun!”


Poor Kyle Busch.

There will be more videos in the series, which is part of a campaign that includes digital and place of sale work but seems to live on social at the moment.

From Mistress ECD and partner Scott Harris:

“NOS has always been a no nonsense brand, so the idea of a grinning sports star becoming the hero of the spot was never going to happen. The idea of a highly-paid athlete not being able to get his own NOS-branded drink felt much more in line with the brand.”

We like the idea of a highly-paid athlete getting schooled by an “unhelpful store clerk.” Also, this is what NASCAR business meetings look like.


Client. NOS Energy Drink
Production Company: Bastard
Creative Director: Scott Harris
Executive Producer: David Horowitz
Producer: Trevor Paperny
Director: Nicolas Iyer
DP: Tom Lembcke
AD: Chad Schwartzkopf
Production Design: Jonathan Barrows
Edit: Trevor Paperny
Score & Sound Design: Lime Studios
VFX: Thomas Smith and Joe Rojas
Color: Derek Hansen