Missing Ad Man Found Alive and Well; Double Life May Have Lead to Disappearance

By Matt Van Hoven 

More than a year and a half after going missing, police have determined that Nicholas Francisco, a former Publicis in the West employee, is alive and well.

Francisco is father to three children, one of which his wife was still pregnant with when he went missing in February, 2008. A year later after countless rescue searches and all the standard activities that follow a missing person case, his wife Christine Francisco filed for divorce claiming, “willful abandonment” &#151 during the course of the investigation that followed, she learned that the man who went missing the night he was supposed to make Valentine’s Day cookies with his then three year-old daughter was actually living a sordid second life.


Evidence of his behavior was found online, where it was determined that he had pilfered money into secret bank accounts. It was also determined that Francisco used the Web to find sexual partners, both male and female. He must have been good at hiding these encounters because his ex-wife says “he came home every night.”

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says investigators determined Francisco changed his name and now lives in another state, though authorities would not say which. He also changed his name.

Via SeattlePI, Seattle Times

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