Today on the Menu: Douglas Rushkoff Says Holding Cos Like Yours Enjoy Doing Nothing

By Matt Van Hoven 

Obscurity is not a word that goes with Douglas Rushkoff, a 48 year-old media theorist, author, teacher, ranter-about-corporate inanities. He was our guest today and didn’t let us down by way of explaining his feelings on why big media has changed so much since the days of $3-4/word story assignments for magazines and newspapers. Basically, holding companies screwed it all up.

Mostly, he says, because they’d rather do nothing than something. Why build stuff when you can more easily make money by trading other companies’ stock? Also, own smaller companies so that you can take their money. It goes on like this in a sing-song kind of way that you’ll feel good about. Check him out, here.

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