Miller Lite, Guy Fieri Form Unholy Alliance

By Erik Oster 

Grilling With Guy

This one has been around for  a while, but we just couldn’t resist.

Agencies GMR (who handled talent selection, negotiation and management) and Integer (execution across retail) teamed up to bring together human keg stand Guy Fieri and watery swill Miller Lite to form an unholy alliance of annoying proportions. God have mercy on us all.


Fieri — who Anthony Bourdain once described as the product that would result “if Ed Hardy f*cked a juggalo” — is hosting a series of Miller Lite branded content on his site, Grill With Guy. One would assume that the toxic levels of hair gel Fieri applies would render himself extremely flammable, but Fieri just shares some summer grilling recipes, such as the beef and beer cheese nachos featured in the video, which we’ve left til after the jump.

Surprisingly, not all of the recipes call for Miller Lite, like the “Asian Style Grilled Salmon” (surprise: Fieri knows what mirin is), which instead ends with the instruction “Enjoy with a cold Miller Lite.” (Obviously you should never trust a recipe that ends this way.)

While it’s alarming to think that anyone who takes cooking advice from a man with a racing stripe on his refrigerator would be allowed near an open flame, it’s at least somewhat of a relief that they will have a watered-down lite beer on hand to extinguish the blaze should things get out of hand. Miller Lite and Fieri plan to keep their relationship going after the summer, with “flavorful ideas for football season” (whatever those might be).