Jordan Zimmerman REALLY Wants to Meet You

By Patrick Coffee 

Are you a social media wizard? Do you need some help learning how to build a dream, whatever it might happen to be? Most importantly, do you love Fort Lauderdale as much as everyone else on Earth does?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions–and even if you didn’t–then self-described “maverick advertising icon” Jordan Zimmerman would LOVE to meet you.

In the past Mr. Zimmerman has offered his thoughts on politics and the state of the union–but in this case he simply wants to impart some of the wisdom that comes from building a “$3 Billion empire” and provide you, lucky John or Jane, with “a priceless look into the business world that few seldom see.”


Trust him–this will be worth your while.

What about the response to Zimmerman’s offer?

Some may quibble with his numbers

“That $3 billion figure is not the ad agency’s revenue. It’s not even the worldwide revenue of the network…”

But others take him very seriously.

We would update you on the status of the ongoing contest, but a simple hashtag search will do the trick. Just click and scroll away…