Mike Fetrow Joins space150

By Matt Van Hoven 

Creative dude Mike Fetrow first popped onto our radar in mid September, when we reported that he was let go from Minneapolis based Colle + McVoy &#151 a shop he’s been said to have saved from certain doom (and relative obscurity). Word on the Web today is that Fetrow has been picked up by (also Minneapolis based) space150, an independent digital shop.

Fetrow said of his former agency, “We made huge strides over the last four years, but you have to change, always. Some people thought there was too much change.”

Hopefully dude will have the freedom he sought while at C+M, where he’ll take on the VP creative director role. Shouldn’t be an issue, since space150 isn’t 75 years old and entrenched with traditional types at the top.

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