Boutique Call: DECON

By Matt Van Hoven 

Do you ever think about what’s happening right this very moment at (insert name of some cool place you visited once that sticks out in your mind)? There’s this little bar on the coast of somewhere called something. I had a few beers there once. I wish there was a blog for that bar.

Learn about DECON NYC.

Name/Location: DECON/New York City, New York

Motto: Context. Concept. Content.

Founded: 2001

About: “We are a unique collective creating savvy, visually articulate and conceptually solid cultural works.”

Netflix, 2K Sports, Kubler Absinthe, Sony Ericsson, Right Gin, Universal, Teva, Zune, Yahoo!, Fuse, IFC

Something Fun: “It’s always fun.”

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