Mid-Day Updates: Yelp to Google, Saab no More, Mindshare Gets $225 Mil Boehringer Biz

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here’s some things you may want to know about, as they’re happening around the web, right now.

&#151 Google is poised to buy Yelp.com, the local stuff-to-do site that’s dominated the business in the wake of citysearch’s nose dive. Local advertising is expected to take off if a $500 million deal is signed.


&#151 Saab brand to be “wound down” following GM’s unsuccessful attempts to sell it. “Despite the best efforts of all involved, it has become very clear that the due diligence required to complete this complex transaction could not be executed in a reasonable time.”

&#151 Mindshare US won the $225 million Boehringer Ingelheim phrama business from Havas.

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