Microsoft Relies on a Little Tap Action to Promote Surface 3

By Kiran Aditham 

Thanks to YouTube stars Shane Bang and Kevin Ke, the beat lives on by way of some finger-tapping mojo used to promote Microsoft’s Surface 3 laptop.

Finger Music, along with the agency services of m:united, which was launched last summer and continues its Surface work and take on Apple in the process. Finger Music Creative Director Dave Hodge says in a statement: 


“The spots were briefed from the beginning to be very rhythmic, when m:united sourced Shane and Kevin, we knew the filming would also incorporate the rhythmic movements of their hands. Being brought in at this early stage meant that we were able to get the process of the filming, edit and music to harmonise throughout the production process. Over two studio days with Shane and Kevin, two tempos were chosen for the spot which were organic with the pen tapping they were doing. It was important that these were ascertained beforehand so that we could ensure the visuals.”

The goal of the campaign, most of all, was to prove that music can transcend its status as background noise–according to the 13-year-old Finger Music.

Check out second clip, “College Flow,” below.

Agency: m:united
Client: Microsoft
Agency Producer: Meg McCarthy
Agency Executive Music Producer Eric David Johnson aka DJ Bunny Ears.
Executive Creative Director: Bobby Pearce
Executive Creative Director: Yo Umeda
Creative Director: Todd Brown
Director of Creative Technology: David Cliff
Production Company: White Label
Director: Olivier Gondry
Music and Sound: Finger Music
Music Creative Director: Dave Hodge
Editing House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Frank Snider
Post Production: Method