Microsoft Begging for The Soup Treatment with Kin Promotion

By Kiran Aditham 

We mentioned in yesterday’s post about agencytwofifteen (formerly T.A.G.) that the San Francisco agency was launching a campaign for Microsoft’s upcoming Kin device and here it is, folks. In what’s being called a social experiment, this effort– which like the Kin itself is targeted at the social media-addicted, 15-30 demo–tries to find out if one’s social media friends are really their friends.

To do so, the agency and brand are documenting the escapades of a New York City gal named Rosa, who for better or worse has been deemed a “Socialologist”. For the next eight weeks, Rosa’s various meetups with her online circle of “friends” ranging from celebs to people who follow her on Twitter will be posted in episodic form on the Kin Facebook site among other destinations. It’s a show that just as easily belongs on E! or VH1’s programming schedule. But whatever the case, it’ll all lead up to the May release of Kin, which integrates Zune software (hooray?) and includes a social networking hub called Loop among other things.


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