Mekanism Gets Comfortable for Trulia

By Erik Oster 

Mekanism launched a new digital campaign for Trulia based on the insight that people do some pretty weird stuff when alone in the comfort of their own home.

The 30-second “A Different Kind of Housewarming” exemplifies the approach. In the spot, a family presses against their home’s floor-to-ceiling windows, basking in the sun’s warmth. “Mom, are we weird?” asks the daughter, to which the mother replies, “No, hon, we’re us.” This leads right into the tagline, “Find a home where you can be you. It’s easy with Trulia.” Other 30-second digital spots show a couple playing Scrabble in the buff on their deck (incorrectly, it would seem, as the winning word is a proper noun), and another couple who delights in their house’s fine acoustics while making whale calls to each other. It’s a fun approach which stems from a meaningful insight and leads to memorable ads. While it doesn’t speak directly to the benefits of Trulia, each spot ends with a quick glimpse of the app and the implication is that it helped each family or couple find the specific type of home they were looking for. It’s also such a wide open premise that there’s a ton of room for Mekanism to explore different ideas with it going forward. In addition to the digital spots, Mekanism also created a microsite for Trulia, which targets millenial home buyers and includes confessional videos of strange at-home habits.

“You’re a different person than you are in public,” Michael Grant, creative lead for Mekanism told Adweek of the campaign. “Once we started diving into those stories, we realized they were pretty weird and fun and that everybody has one. That’s why we wanted to run and tell these stories. There is some absolute truth in all of the spots.”



Agency: Mekanism
CEO/President: Jason Harris
ECD: Brian L. Perkins
Sr. Copywriter: Michael Grant
Executive Producer: Kati Haberstock
Sr. Producer: Danielle Soper
Sr. Digital Producer: Andrew Devansky
Managing Director: Michael Zlatoper
Director Brand Management: Laura Szu-Tu

Video Production Credits
Production Company: Tool of North America
EP: Lori Stonebraker
Producer: Kelly King
Director: Shawn Z
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Production Design: Jesson Moen

Editorial Company: Beast Editorial – SF
Post Producer: Vickie Sornsilp
Editor: Brian Lagerhausen
Assistant Editor: Nick Haynes
Colorist: Steve McEuen
Visual Effects Artist: Greg Gilmore
Music Composition: Andrew Duncan
Audio Post Facility:  M Squared Productions
Audio Engineer:  Mark Pitchford
Assistant Audio Engineer:  Phil Lantz
Sound Design:  Mark Pitchford