Mekanism and Schwab Show Us How Financial Advice Is Exactly Like Golf

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you know that Charles Schwab is so invested in golf that “Schwab Golf” exists as its own sort of mini-brand?

Neither did we. But the financial company doesn’t just sponsor the PGA Champions Tour–it also likes to compare personal wealth management to professional golf.

Mekanism has been working with Schwab for some time, and its most recent campaign appeals to the sort of people who might be watching the tour, which starts this week.

In “Recommendations,” an old white man makes the right decision regarding his future financial stability by placing a call to what we can only assume to be another old white man.

The next spot centers on “Tough Questions” such as “How much money will I have to pay you to help turn my money into more money?”

Finally, a take on the most challenging “financial ownership moment”: actually picking up the phone to call your broker. It’s like playing the par 3 with the infamous water hazard in that you definitely won’t enjoy it, but you really have no choice but to suck up your fears and tee off.

As the copy puts it, “that’s how legends are born, folks.” Or at least how certain people get their finances into better shape.

The release tells us that this campaign, which will run on ESPN, ABC, NBC and CBS in addition to social, represents “an evolution from traditional, often stagnant financial advertising.”

You have to admit that’s a tough job.


Agency: Mekanism
Client: Charles Schwab
CEO/President: Jason Harris
Managing Director: Michael Zlatoper
Creative Director: Brian L. Perkins
Associate Creative Director: Joe Beutel
Executive Producer/HOP: Kati Haberstock
Brand Manager: Emily Brody
Senior Producer: Bob Samuel
Post Production Producer: Andrew Devanksy

Director: Ric Cantor
Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne
Executive Producer/Director OF Sales: Dan Duffy
Executive Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Executive Producer: Nancy Hacohen
Producer: James Kadonoff
Director of Photography: Adam Richards
Production Design: Duncan Reed

Post production
Editor: Bob Spector
Executive Producer: Jon Ettinger