Grey London Sweats the Details for Volvo

By Erik Oster 

Grey London launched a new spot for the Volvo V40 R-Design featuring an unexpected endorsement from Swedish conductor Marie Rosenmir.

Conductors don’t exactly have the same sort of celebrity now that they did at the turn of the twentieth century, making the decision to feature Marie Rosenmir an unusual and attention-grabbing one. The conductor provides the voiceover as we follow her scenic commute to work in the V40 R-Design. “I think sometimes I’m quite obsessed by the details,” she begins while speeding down a tree-lined road, “It’s very often not about the big gestures, it’s much more when you smaller, more precise things. In the details very often is the beauty.” The implicit comparison, of course, is between the extreme attention to detail a conductor must give to every element of a performance and the similar attention to detail Volvo says went into the creation of the new vehicle.

“The V40 boasts lots of lovely, intricate design details, which in isolation may not seem particularly significant but when combined create an incredibly satisfying overall experience,” Grey London creative director Andy Lockley told Adweek. “We likened this to a really moving piece of music performed by an orchestra—each small component playing an important part in the overall piece. In this respect, the role of a conductor and of an automotive designer aren’t that different.”

Volvo named Forsman & Bodensfors its global creative agency back in December and while Grey remains on their roster, it’s unclear how often the agency will handle such campaigns going forward.