Meet Our Newest Potential Foe, ‘Terrible Copywriter’

By Bob Marshall 

Do you ever find yourself reading through AgencySpy’s critques of horrible ads and thought, “Golly, I wish there was another blog that critiqued horrible ads,” then realized AdFreak kind of does that and thought more specifically, “No. I meant a blog that critiqued horrible ads that was run by copywriters”? Well, Terrible Copywriter may very well be the copywriter-run ad-critiquing blog of your dreams. And, because they’re copywriters, they know better than to begin sentences with conjunctions and end sentences with prepositions—two “correct” writing strategies of which I am evidently not beholden to.

According to its debut blog post last Thursday, Terrible Copywriter says of itself:


Terrible Copywriter is a blog by working copywriters that’s dedicated to exposing bad creative work. You know, the stuff that gives advertising a label of distrust, a negative stigma, a bad name. Think of us as curators of “how the f*ck did that ever get approved” creative. We’ll tell it straight but it’s probably what you’re already thinking. If it’s harsh, it’s for a good cause. If it’s you, then please do better next time. (We know you can do it.) By influencing a rise in creative standards, our hope is to make the world a better—more entertaining and less annoying—place to live in. You’re welcome.

OH NO THEY DIDN’T! But, in case they did, you can submit bad advertising to them for review at Or, you can send it to Whatever. If makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. (But if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you all so sad?)