Energy BBDO Vying to Become Less Destructive Version of Skynet

By Kiran Aditham 

If you don’t know who Austin Scott is, he’s a creative who has spent the last several months as a senior art director at Chicago’s Energy BBDO and is trying his damndest to help the agency build up its digital chops. How? Well, after his “Kickcam” effort from a few weeks ago, which showed off Energy folks’ shoes in an instant via Tumblr, Scott has returned with a seemingly most ambitious project, a robot named eB2DO. According to Scott, said bot is a nicer version of his “cousin Skynet” and serves as a Twitter personality for Energy BBDO’s hub.


Equipped with the same tech as Kickcam (including Arduino and Processing), eBDO rests on the 9th floor of Energy’s office tweeting away. Scott explains further, saying, “Every morning at 8am he takes the temperature in the office and depending on how hot or cold tweets so you know if you should bring a jacket. He’s got a button on his head that say’s ‘Press in case of free food’ so everyone knows when to swarm the kitchen.” Don’t worry, bevvie distribution is in tow as well. Scott continues, “There’s also a special beer cart button for when the cart starts making the rounds. A light sensor takes a reading every night to tell if the building lights are still on and if people are working. So far theirs always been people working late. It has a bunch of other sensors as well and we plan to keep expanding his capabilities.”

While we take bets on when eB2DO actually becomes self-aware, you can check out the robot’s Twitter page here.