MDB Conjurs Dream Scenarios in DC Lottery Campaign

By Kiran Aditham 

Not to be outdone by David&Goliath’s own brand of lotto creativity, we have this East Coast-centric work from MDB Communications, a DC-based agency that also works with the likes of Nextel and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In this campaign for the DC lottery, MDB posits on the theory of “what if?” to highlight the dreams of those chasing lottery winnings.

While luck is almost always elusive, the work by MDB Communications summarizes what pretty much any of us would do — whatever the situation — to gather our winnings. According to the agency, the campaign was inspired by “…some aspect of human nature or common usage.”

More from CCO Richard M. Coad:

“One need only look on [T]witter or Facebook to see how many people use the idea of ‘winning the lottery’ as something that would change their lives and give them a reason not to do some of the things they have to do each day.  ‘Be there tomorrow…unless I win the lottery.  Be back after lunch…unless I win the lottery.'”

As you can see from the numerous scenarios, a little luck helps as well.

Client: DC Lottery
Agency: MDB Communications
Chief Creative Officer: Richard M. Coad
Associate Creative Director: Gretchen Carswell
Account Director: Jodie Warren
Director: Stan Schofield
Production Company: Weaselworks, Inc.
Editor: Jesse Reisner-The Now Corporation
Sound Engineer: Brad Starkey-Georgetown Post