mcgarrybowen Reminds Us that Intel Doesn’t Just Make Chips

By Patrick Coffee 

Most of the recent work created by mcgarrybowen for chip maker Intel featured Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons showing people how stuff works.

And yet, like many other tech companies–Dropbox comes to mind–Intel now wants to position itself as a sort of creative partner or facilitator of others’ esoteric pursuits.

The anthem spot, which debuted today, is essentially a best-of montage designed to alert us to the fact that Intel is not just a microchip company: “Intel has been responsible for some of the most amazing technology and innovation for 50 years.”


Like, even space shuttles? Apparently so.

It would seem that Intel is indirectly responsible for every single product/project/experience with a tech component, from gamers to samplers.

Now that you’ve seen the dizzying overview, the campaign’s other spots focus on the individuals involved in some of the projects that appeared on your screen for a second or two in that :60.

Here, for example, is “dance sensation Paige Fraser” collaborating with Intel,Rich+Tone and Mirada Studios, which “used over 20 RealSense® cameras” to record her performance. The release calls it “a stunning experience of innovation in art,” but she really is a great dancer. As far as we can tell.

Next, here’s artist Nobumichi Asai and his “facial projection mapping piece,” which may spark a few Bjork-in-the-’90s flashbacks. (Intel did the tech, of course.)

Finally, we take a deep dive into the world of high fashion via Turkish sister designers Ezra and Tuba. They’re the team behind last year’s “Butterfly Effect” 3D-printed dress, which somehow went from white and gold to black and blue, OMG LOL.

As they put it in this mini-doc, “we complete each other”…with a little help from Intel’s Edison chip. And the new dress does look kind of cool, even if it’s completely impractical like every other high fashion item we’ve ever seen.

The purpose of the campaign is to position Intel as a company “that matches the changing landscape, is relatable and relevant to the more integrated consumer experience, and continues to inspire people to create, invent and explore.”

Now that Beethoven’s Fifth is stuck in our heads, you all remember this masterpiece of late-night ’90s advertising, don’t you?

That ad was so effective that we almost bought the product. (We were nine years old at the time, though, so we had no real purchasing power.)


Client: Intel
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Managing Director, Executive Creative Director: Marianne Besch
Associate Creative Director / AD: Drew Jaz
Creative Director / Writer: Lorrin O’Neill
Executive Content Producer : Celia Everett
Managing Director, Global Music Production: Jerry Krenach
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Super Prime
Samuel Bayer, Director
Roger Zorovich, Head of Production / Executive Producer
William Green, Producer
Dave Kemp, Producer
Bikini Edit
Gina Pagano, Executive Producer
Gabriel Wyre, Editor
“Symphony In Blue” by Musikvergnuegen
Composed and Arranged by Walter Werzowa and John Luker
Orchestrated by Alan Steinberger, John Luker and Walter Werzowa
Recorded at Wiener Musikverein, Vienna, Austria
Mixed by: Dennis Sands at Capitol Studios
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Audio Post: Sonic Union
Mix Engineer: Michael Marinelli
Studio Director: Justine Cortale