mcgarrybowen Celebrates ‘Mr. Amazing’ for Verizon

By Erik Oster 

mcgarrybowen launched a spot for Verzion, entitled “Mr. Amazing,” which celebrates the company’s XLTE service and football season.

In the spot, some rather fantastical football leads into a man screaming “Yeah” at a field day type event, accompanied by the voiceover, “Don’t just dream about being the hero, make it happen.” The man, it is revealed, is streaming a football game at his daughter’s event, much to the relief of another father present. “So be that guy,” Verizon implores at the end of the spot, “with Verizon XLTE.” It’s a bit of an odd sendoff, as the phrasing of “that guy’ the way they use it usually has a negative connotation. It’s almost as if they can’t decide whether they want to make fun of the protagonist (who screams “Yeah!” after the initial fantasy segment) or celebrate him as “Mr. Amazing” and instead the spot attempts to do both.


Agency: mcgarrybowen
Prod Co: HSI / Directed by Samuel Bayer
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
VFX: The Mission

Senior Producer – Joe Maire
Director of Verizon Broadcast Productions – Dante Piacenza
Business Manager – Maria Elia
Executive Creative Director – Cheryl Van Ooyen
Associate Creative Director – Jessica Zalaznick
Associate Creative Director – Jody Zorn
Managing Director – Will Townsend
Group Managing Director – Christopher Reintz
Account Director – Zerimar Carattini
Assistant Account Executive – Brett DiSanto

Managing Director – Rebecca Skinner
Executive Producer – Roger Zorovich
Producer – Dave Kemp
Production Supervisor – Yianni Papadopoulos
Director: Samuel Bayer

Editor – Frank Snider
Executive Producer – Eve Kornblum

Managing Director – Michael Pardee
Creative Director – Rob Trent
Lead Flame – Joey Brattesani
VFX Producer – Diana Cheng
Flame Artist – Chris Moore
Flame Artist – Colleen Smith
Flame Artist – Dave Stern
Flame Artist – Rob Winfield
Rotoscope – Dylan Holden
Rotoscope – Kenneth Lui
Animation Director – Piotr Karwas
3D Modeler – Chad Fehmie
3D Animator – Samir Lyons
Rigger – Rick Grandy